Titel Design and Development of Engine Valve Train Wear Test Rig
Autor Manjunath, P. Bali, C.V. Chandrashekara, Nagarajan M., Mukesh Gupta
Infos zum Autor Manjunath1, P. Bali2, C.V. Chandrashekara1, Nagarajan M.3, Mukesh Gupta3

1. PES University, Bangalore. 2. Project Guide 3&4.Consultant

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Inhalt Abstract
Valve train is one of the critical sub-system in I.C. engine. Increased performance demands for valve train and operating severity [higher speeds, loads, temperature and extended Oil Drain Interval] are to be considered for prevention of failure. Development of new engine oils requires large amount of time and energy. Experimental evaluation in actual hardware may provide a bench test to both Lubricant and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) companies. The present work outlines the procedure used for the design and development of a valve train wear test rig and targets to simulate the ASTM D6891 type of severity to study the performance of additives/ lubricants. Compact design is aimed to prevent deformation while applying load and running long duration test. Significant parameters which results in cam wear are incorporated in the test rig. Data obtained from developed test rig has indicated good repeatability. Test data will be correlated with field operating conditions.
Datum 2017