Titel Ionic Liquids and ionic liquid-based dispersions of nanomaterials as high performance additives for lubricants
Autor Boyan Iliev, Maria Ahrens, Sebastian Plebst, Thomas J. S. Schubert
Infos zum Autor Dr. Boyan Iliev,
Dr. Maria Ahrens,
Dr. Sebastian Plebst,
Dr. Thomas J. S. Schubert,

IOLITEC Ionic Liquids Technologies GmbH,
Salzstraße 184,
D-74076 Heilbronn,
E-Mail: info@iolitec.de
Inhalt Zusammenfassung
In diesem Beitrag berichten wir über unsere neusten Ergebnisse bei der Entwicklung von ionischen Flüssigkeiten sowie Dispersionen von Nanomaterialien als Schmiermitteladditive. Neben der Herstellung von Mischungen aus ILs und Nanomaterialien mit Basisölen, gehen wir auch auf Materialverträglichkeiten sowie das Fine-tuning der Additiv-Eigenschaften ein.

Ionic liquids (ILs) are a comparatively new class of substances which distinguishes itself above all by a high thermal and chemical stability, a low vapour pressure, incombustibility and a high surface tension. These properties make them promising candidates as lubricant additives or as neat lubricants for special applications. In addition, some highly surface active ILs can be used to prepare stable dispersions of nanoparticles like carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, graphite and graphene that show themselves good tribological performance. In our contribution we will report our latest results on the use of ionic liquids as high performance additives for lubricants. Beside solubility of ionic liquids in different base oils, we will discuss physical properties and material compatibilities of pure ionic liquids and of mixtures of ionic liquids with base oils.
Datum 2017