Titel CoF and wear reduction in plastic for tribological applications (Posteraustellung)
Autor Hrebicik, M.; Descamps, C.: Jungk, M.
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With plastic materials finding their applications in domains earlier reserved solely for metal, the engineers are facing new needs and challenges. The external lubrication can e.g. significantly reduce the noise coming out of the moving parts. Recent developments of special additives allow to approach the subject also from inside of the plastic material. These additives, based on silicone chemistry, allow to achieve significantly improved perofmance in the area of CoF reduction, scratch and wear resistance as well as noise reduction. Such Si-based solution provides improved peromance in materials like polyamide (PA) or polyoxymethylene (POM), and creates direct competitive approach to currently use PTFE-based solutions, with the benefit of significantly lower dosage. This advantage reflects e.g. in improved mechanical properties values. Various forms of silicone additives can be used to comply with the requirements and practical possibilities of the compounders — silicone masterbatches (SiMB) based on ultrahighmolecular weight silicones in the form of pellets, 100% functional silicone in the form of powdered flakes or silicone elastomeric resin in the form of micro-powder.
Datum 2016