Titel Identification of friction and material model parameters for finite element simulation of TiAl6V4
Autor F. Klocke, B. Peng, T. Lakner, B. Döbbeler
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Obtaining the friction at the tool chip interface and the material behavior of the workpiece is a challenging part when modeling machining processes. Until now, the pure lagrangian method is the primary numerical formulation of FEM for modelling serrated chip formation in cutting. The major disadvantages of lagrangian formulation are appearance of severe mesh distortion and the determination of separation criterion during the cutting process.
This paper presents a method to determine the friction model parameters at the tool chip interface based on an analysis of cutting forces in the orthogonal cutting process, which also takes ploughing force into consideration. To avoid the disadvantages of the lagrangian method, a 2D FEM model based on Coupled-Euler-Lagrange (CEL) formulation with the Johnson-Cook (JC) constitutive model and the Johnson-Cook damage model is proposed in this paper. To predict the cutting forces and serrated chip forms of the orthogonal cutting process, the friction and JC model of TiAl6V4 are inversely calibrated with FEM-simulation. The prediction of chip forms and cutting forces by numerical simulation shows good conformity with the experiments by orthogonal cutting.

Datum 2016