Titel Causes for premature bearing failures and the role of white etching cracks

Autor Kenred Stadler, Erik Vegter, Marica Ersson, David Vaes
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Bearings in large industrial gearboxes or drive train applications, such as paper mills, crusher mill gearboxes, lifting gear drives or especially in wind turbine gearboxes are often subjected to a wide variety of operating conditions that may push them, under certain circumstances, beyond their limits.
These conditions may cause bearing damages, such as cracks and spalling. Due to the appearance of these cracks the damages are known as white etching cracks (WEC), or sometimes called white structure flaking (WSF).
In this paper, the role of WEC as well as an overview of influencing factors that can lead to WEC networks will be discussed. This will be illustrated by post-analysis and research results of failed bearings from SKF testing.

Datum 2016