Titel An Investigation of the Effect of Sliding Velocity on the
Thermoelastic Behavior of Multi-Disc Clutches
Autor Mumtaz J. Akhtar, Oday I. Abdullah, Josef Schlattmann
Infos zum Autor Autorenanschrift:
Mumtaz J. Akhtar
Oday I. Abdullah
Josef Schlattmann
System Technology and Mechanical Design Methodology
Hamburg University of Technology
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E-Mail: oday.abdullah@tuhh.de
Inhalt Abstract
The high thermal stresses generated between the contacting surfaces of a multi-disc clutch system (pressure plate, clutch discs, plate separators and piston) due to the frictional heating generated during the slipping period, is considered to be one of the main reasons of clutch failure of the contacting surfaces. A finite element technique has been used to study the transient thermoelastic phenomena of a multi-disc dry clutch. The effect of sliding speed on the contact pressure distribution, the temperature field and the heat flux generated along the frictional surfaces when the total heat generation is constant have been investigated. Analysis has been completed using axisymmetric model to simulate the multi-disc clutch.
Datum 2014