Titel Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
Autor A. M. Omran, G. T. Abdel-Japer, M. M. Ali
Infos zum Autor Autorenanschrift:
A.M.Omran1, G. T. Abdel-Japer(2), and M. M. Ali(1)
1. Mining and Metallurgical Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University-Qena,.Egypt.
2. Mechanical engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, South Valley University, Qena, Egypt.
Corresponding Author: A.M.Omran Email: mranasser@hotmail.com
Inhalt Abstract
This paper investigates on methods for producing ductile cast iron (SGI). The processing parameters affecting the production of SGI were studied. These parameters include chemical composition, thickness of the castings, mechanical properties, alloying elements and microstructures. The results indicated that, the nodularity is increased with increasing the percentage of Mg contents, moreover the nodularity decreased with increasing thickness of the castings. The amount of pearlite is increased sharply with increasing Cu and Mn contents in the produced SGI. The tensile strength hardness and wear are increased by increasing Mg contents and nodularity. Empirical equations were correlated to indicate the relations among nodularity, Mg contents, pearlite and other parameters.
Datum 2013