Titel Correlation between the Model Categories VI, V and IV of Tribotesting
Autor M. Enger, P. Blaškovitš, P. Feinle, U. Sittl
Infos zum Autor Autorenanschrift:
J. Schulz, WISURA GmbH, Bremen
PE. Brinksmeier, A. G. Huesmann-Cordes, K. Gebert, IWT Bremen
Inhalt Abstract
The greatest difficulties of friction and wear experiments is the correlation between the determined friction and wear values as well as their transferability for applications due to their system-related characteristics. Based on the model tribotesting categories VI, V and IV the question of the influence of different test configurations on the tribological behaviour of various anti-friction coatings steel pairings shall be investigated. The results show that parallels as well as distinctive differences are given between the different test configurations.
Datum 2013