Titel Measurement of Al-Si Cylinder Liners Using White-light Interferometry and Image Processing on a Coordinate Measuring Machine
Autor Joaquin Carrasco, Qiang Hao, Markus Kästner, Eduard Reithmeier
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Inhalt Abstract

Al-Si alloys are widely used in internal combustion engines. Wear behaviour of Si-particles, which play an important role in oil consumption, mechanical power loss, friction, etc., is being investigated. Using a structure-oriented surface characterization approach, geometrical features of the Si-particles, e.g. size, height, become essential information. This paper presents a measuring procedure in order to carry out a wide study of these features at different positions in the cylinder liner. One of the challenging problems in the above approach is to detect the Si-particles using automated image processing. Because there are no significant differences between the height of the particles and the aluminium matrix on worn surface, the topographical data cannot provide enough information for detecting the Si- particles. For this reason, image processing is used to solve this issue.
Datum 2010