Titel Influence of W Doped DLC Coating on the Gear Performance
Autor Boris Krzan, Franz Novotny-Farkas, and JoÂze Vizintin
Infos zum Autor *Boris KRÂzAN1, Franz NOVOTNY-FARKAS2, and JoÂze VIÂzINTIN1
1Center for tribology and technical diagnostics, University of Ljubljana
Bogiši eva 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
2OMV Refining + Marketing GmbH
Mannswörther Strasse 28, 2320 Schwechat, Austria
Inhalt Abstract

Increasing gear performance through applying a thin film coating on gear tooth flanks is attracting considerably attention. Several different gear tests show an increase in carrying load capacity or prolonged lifetime with tungsten-carbide doped DLC (W-DLC) coated gears, however the exact mechanisms by which the performance additives work in lubricated W-DLC coated contact are still unclear. In general, there are no guidelines for selection of lubricant for coated machine components subjected to high loads. The conventional lubricants have been primarily developed or tailored to interact with ferrous materials and are probably far from optimal for amorphous carbon-based coatings. In this paper, several different base oils and functional oil blends with single additives were tested on a ball-on-disc test rig with W-DLC/W-DLC coated specimens. One perspective oil blend was identified and was subjected to the further investigation on FZG gear test rig. Under conditions of reduced oil immersion depth scuffing load carrying capacity was determined.
Datum 2009