Titel Friction and Wear of Polyester Reinforced by Polyethylene Fibres and Filled by vegetables Oils
Autor G. T. Abdel-Jaber, M. K. Mohamed, W. Y. Ali
Infos zum Autor Abdel-Jaber G. T.*, Mohamed M. K.** and Ali W. Y.**

* Faculty of Engineering, Qena, South Valley University, Qena, EGYPT.
**Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, P. N. 61111, El-Minia, EGYPT.
Inhalt Abstract

Polyester composites, like polymers, suffer from the relatively low wear resistance and high friction coefficient. The present work aims to develop polyester composites to be used as self lubricated bearing material in different engineering applications. Polyethylene fibres were used to reinforce polyester in order to increase wear resistance of the tested composites. Vegetable oils such as almond, olives, rocket, sesame and baraka oils were added to polyester during moulding to decrease friction coefficient. The friction coefficient and wear of the tested composites were investigated. The proposed composites were tested by dry sliding against steel counterface. The experimental results showed that increasing oil content and polyethylene fibres decreased friction content. The highest friction and wear were displayed by composites free of oil. Composites containing olive oil displayed higher friction and lower wear than that containing almond oil. This behaviour can confirm the higher wear protection due to the stronger surface interactions between the polar molecules and the sliding surfaces displayed by olive oil. Beside, wear of polyester composites filled by sesame, cress and baraka oils decreased down to minimum then increased with increasing oil content. The minimum wear values were displayed by composites filled by 3.0 - 6.0 wt. % oil content.
Datum 2008