Titel The Challenge of DLC coatings tribological characterization
Autor Shamba Jumaine, Florent Ledrappier, Laurent Houzé
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Inhalt Abstract

PVD and PACVD thin coating are now commonly used for protecting surfaces against tribological stresses may they be wear, energy dissipation; corrosion or sticking. The elaboration of those coatings is confronted with numerous difficulties in connection with the fineness of the structure to be studied. Specific tools were set up for assessing the coating thickness, their hardness, their young modulus or their adhesion on a given substrate. However, most of those tests turn out to be insufficient when it comes to identifying the ″ideal coating″ for a given application. Various traps can be encountered when using such elementary characterization of DLC coating that can lead to erroneous conclusion and even aberration. Moreover, surface behaviour is the results of the combination of many parameters that cannot be addressed separately. That behaviour will eventually be addressed a progressive increase of the complexity of the tribological characterization to be realised. The balance will be reached by targeting both the representativity and the quality and simplicity of exploitation. This paper will summarize state of the art methods used for characterizing the tribological behaviour of DLC coating and will compare them with the tribological testing for automotive application. Demonstration will thus be made about the need of thorough tribological assessment not only based on classical characterization mean. For concluding proposal will be made as to the effort to be made by the scientific and industrial community when it comes to DLC thin films characterization.
Datum 2008