Titel Slide Bearing Monitoring Systems on large Combustion Engines
Autor Helmuth Uebel, Michael Theobald
Infos zum Autor Helmuth Uebel, Regional Manager Asia Pacific
Michael Theobald, Manager Product Public Relations

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Inhalt Abstract
Large engines being built and tested in major factories and engines being operated in ships and power stations around the world occasionally suffer immense damage, despite well-intended application of control and monitoring systems installed for their protection against such damage.
Experiments and pilot tests conducted in the field with a revolutionary new type of bearing overheating monitoring system have revealed that signals, from sliding components of an engine, can be extracted for evaluation to judge their operational condition. The experiments, so far, have exposed that sliding surface pairs, not only shaft to bearing, but also such as piston and rings to cylinder liner, gear wheels etc. produce remarkable measurable signals at the time when the lubricating oil film between these components is interrupted.
With an appropriated evaluation method it will become reality to provide the operator with valuable information from his machine to make an early decision as to when to stop the engine before major damage occurs.
It has become clear that during the start-up, stopping or change of load of the engine in operation there are numerous instants where major components, whether they are semi-lubricated or run under partial friction, produce a thermo-electric effect which can be measured to the extent that the evaluation provides a diagram whether there is a normal operative condition or a serious damage is under development.
Datum 2007