Titel Friction and Wear Oil Impregnated Polyester Glass Fibre Composites
Autor G. T. Abdel-Jaber, M. K. Mohamed, W. Y. Ali
Infos zum Autor Abdel-Jaber G. T.*, Mohamed M. K.** and Ali W. Y.**
*Higher Institute of Engineering, Aswan South Valley University, Aswan, EGYPT.
**Faculty of Engineering, El-Minia University, P. N. 61111, El-Minia, EGYPT.
Inhalt Abstract

The present work aims to develop polyester matrix composites that can be used as bearing material in agricultural machinery and automotive engineering. The influence of impregnating polyester-glass fibre composites by oil on their friction and wear is investigated. Tests were carried out at 20 N load and 2 m/s sliding velocity. The test results showed that unfilled polyester composites displayed relatively high friction values as a result of polyester transfer to the steel counterface as well as the increase of the attractive force caused by the electric static charge formed on the two friction surfaces. Besides, reinforcing polyester by glass fibres decreased friction coefficient and wear. It was observed that wear decreased down to minimum then increased with increasing the filling materials. Impregnating polyester matrix by paraffin and glycerine oils caused significant reduction in friction coefficient and wear.
Datum 2006