Titel Efficient Calculation of EHL Traction Using Simplified Approaches and Test Results
Autor Jan Torben Terwey, Norbert Bader, Hai-Chao Liu, Gerhard Poll
Infos zum Autor

Jan Torben Terwey, M.Sc.; Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Bader; Hai-Chao Liu, M.Eng.;
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Poll

Institute of Machine Design and Tribology, Leibniz University Hannover,
Welfengarten 1A, 30167 Hannover, Germany

Inhalt The shear stress in EHL contacts is mainly determined by the properties of the lubricant. For NEWTONian fluids the shear stress and thus, the traction increases linearly with increasing shear rate. Non-NEWTONian fluids show a non-linear dependence on the shear rate – various fluid models have been proposed. Numerical methods used to calculate traction (e.g. by solving the REYNOLDS and energy equation) are often time-consuming and require knowledge of a set of specific fluid parameters, which can only be obtained by tests. In this paper, a simplified method for traction prediction is presented, based on a shear rate dependent calculation of locally resolved shear stresses. The method is using simplified approaches for pressure and temperature distributions and taking fluid parameters, extracted from experimental tests, into account.
Datum 2018