Titel Nichtlineare, inverse Parameteridentifikation zur TEHD-Simulation von geschmierten Kontakten bei hohen Druckgradienten
Autor Ömer Özdemir, Matthias Senge, Felix Fischer, Adrian Rienäcker, Katharina Schmitz
Infos zum Autor

Dipl.-Ing. Ömer Özdemir,
Matthias Senge, M. Sc.,
Adrian Rienäcker, Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Universität Kassel
Institut für Antriebs- und Fahrzeugtechnik
Lehrstuhl für Maschinenelemente und Tribologie
Mönchebergstraße 7
34125 Kassel

Felix Fischer, M. Sc.,
Katharina Schmitz, Prof. Dr.-Ing.
RWTH Aachen University
Institut für fluidtechnische Antriebe und Systeme
Campus Boulevard 30
52074 Aachen

Inhalt For the evaluation of lubricated contacts with high pressure gradients and temperatures, it is necessary to perform a FEM simulation under thermo-elastohydrodynamic (TEHL) conditions. For this purpose, a TEHL-simulation model of a micro gap test rig was built. This model can show elastic interactions between the housing and the lubricating film as well as the influence of the temperature on the thermal expansion of the housing and on the viscosity changes. The consideration of the temperature effects increases the simulation accuracy, but also makes it necessary to define specific model input parameters more accurate. For the comparison of measurement and simulation results of the test rig, a nonlinear, inverse parameter identification method was used to adjust the unknown specific input parameters of such a tribological system and the influences of them. The comparison of the results of pressures and temperatures in the lubricated gap as well as the leakage shows a very good accordance of measurement and simulation. Furthermore, the results show the need to consider temperature effects in the simulation of lubricated contacts with high pressure gradients and temperatures.
Datum 2018