Werner Stehr Prize

Werner Stehr Prize “Tribology is everywhere”

The Society of Tribology, Gesellschaft für Tribologie e.V., has the pleasure of being able to confer a further award, which is sponsored by a private company, Werner Stehr Tribologie. This prize is intended for young scientists and engineers, and is awarded in recognition of genuinely original work in which tribological phenomena are investigated. In this context, special emphasis is placed on phenomena which are well known to everyone from everyday life, but which are usually not immediately associated with tribology.

This award includes a monetary prize of 250 € as well as a special tribological object, which will be given to the recipient at the concluding event of the respective annual tribological symposium in September.

Proposals should be submitted to the Society’s business office.

The Werner-Stehr-Prize 2016 went to:

Dr.-Ing. Robbin Wetter, TU Berlin
„The Interplay of System Dynamics and Dry Friction: Shakedown,
Ratcheting and Micro-Walking“