The GfT

GfT is a technical-scientific association.

Gesellschaft für Tribologie e.V. was founded 1959 in Düsseldorf and was formerly called “Gesellschaft für Schmiertechnik” (association for lubrication technology). This association saw itself as a platform for discussion and investigation into lubrication technology problems in science and industry. From the outset, members have been aware that considering lubrication on its own will not solve tribological problems. Therefore, the areas of activities were extended e.g. to materials and drive technology. Another field of work was the integration of the fundamental findings on friction and wear. Consistent with this, the association was renamed as “Gesellschaft für Schmierungstechnik und Tribologie, GST” (association for lubrication technology and tribology) in 1967. As lubrication technology is a part of tribology, it has been finally decided to change the name to “Gesellschaft für Tribologie, GfT” in 1974.

The term “tribology” was introduced in 1966 in England by Prof. Peter Jost as part of a study of the economic importance of friction and wear. Since then tribology is the international term for the study and application of the principles of friction, lubrication and wear used in science and technology.
Tribology is an artificial word which has been agreed with the English Dictionary Department of the Oxford University Press. The word tribology derives from the Greek root of the verb τρίβω (tribo) “rubbing“ and λογια (logia) “study of” or “knowledge of”.